AID activities on the COVID-19 crisis by AKS

Ananya Kallyan Sangathon is the first of many organizations in Bandarban that is conducting aid activities on the COVID-19 crisis by own fund. In coordination with the government and public representatives, Ananya Kallyan Sangathon stands beside the marginalized poor home quarantined people at Tangpure Marma para in Bandarban.

Our honorable Founder and Executive Director Mrs. Daw Nai Pure Naly and her team distribute rice, pulses, soap, salt, potatoes, and masks to more than 79 poor families at Tangprue Marma para in Bandarban as an instant aid.

Makes people aware about washing hands by AKS's ED

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One thought on “AID activities on the COVID-19 crisis by AKS

  1. The activities that had been done by AKS is really praiseworthy.Please keep continuing such kind of good work no matter what other people comments.May Almighty God bless you all.

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