Round Table Conference with Headmen, Karbari and Women in Bandarban

On 28 October 2020, a round table conference called “Headmen, Karbari and Women” held in Royal Hotel hall room with 25 participants, organized by the SREYA project, Ananya Kallyan Sangathon(AKS). At the beginning of the program, the Program Director of AKS Mr. Dinendra Tripura welcomed all participants and he has shared the purpose of the gathering.
The purpose of the conference was to increase women leaders in a traditional institution, ways to develop customary law, prevent child marriage, and protect VAW in society.
Many social leaders have participated in this conference such as Karbari Mr. Ushoi prue Marma, Advocate Mrs. Umayashing, Advocate Mrs. Madhabi, Bawm Social Activist Mr. Zuamliam Amlai, Journalist Mr. Bodhajoti Chakma, Upozila Mohila vice chairmen Mrs. Yaisa prue Marma, Social Activist Khamlai Mro, SREYA project Program coordinator Mrs. Lal Pekkim Bawm, Program Director of Ananya Kallyan Sangathon Mr. Dirnendra Tripura, Executive Director of Ananya Kallyan Sangathon Mrs. Dawnaiprue Naly and Women Networks Activist Forum members. The discussion was done successfully and Advocate Mrs. Umayashing has given thanks to everyone and closes the program.

View of Round table Conference

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