Dialogue With Different Government and Public Service Officers

On December 6, 2020, Ananya Kalyan Sangathan (AKS) has organized a dialogue with the government officials at 11 a.m. initiative by the SREYA Project at the Bandarban Sadar Upazila Room. The topic was “linkage with relevant service providers for getting support (e.g. health, education, legal support, information, livelihood, safety net program, and other basic necessary needs) for women and girls. The chief guest was Mr. AKM Jahangir, Upazila Chairman, Sadar Upazila Bandarban and many special guests such as advocate, education department, youth department, social service department, social activist, NGOs worker, and journalist participated in this workshop. A lot of people shared their opinion and even though their life how they have faced a difficult situation when they were teenagers. They have shared and give commitment according to their department wise, how they can help women and girls in their respective areas.  The event was done successfully with most participants and closed by the Executive Director of Ananya Kallyan Sangathon, Mrs. Dawnai Prue Naly with few words and give thanks to all participants.

View of the Event

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