Young Women Leadership Development Project

The main tasks of this project are to build the efficient leadership of the youth of the society, to prevent violence against women, to ensure the participation of women in the traditional justice system. AKS organized 25 workshops/seminars to develop the traditional justice system. 350 traditional leaders and UP representatives participated in the workshop and seminar.


To create leadership capability to the young women.

Objectives of the Project :

The major objectives of the project are mentioned below-

  • Diverse leadership that includes next-generation leaders.
  • Strong collective capacities to ensure the safety and security of human rights defenders.


  • Group zoom meeting (online)
  • One on one session
  • ToT training with mentors
  • Training on leadership
  • Training on feminist
  • Training on peace and security
  • Sharing session
  • Signature campaign with community people
  • Meeting with Community Young Women leader