Women Friendly Hospital(WFH)


Reduce maternity death and ensure treatment for under privilege women at hospital existing health care services.

Objectives of the Project:

The major objectives of the project are mentioned below-

  • To assured women related treatment at the hospital.
  • To create women frankly environment at the hospital.
  • Reducing women discrimination at hospital health care service. 


  • Meeting with a stakeholder committee
  • Meeting with the implementation committee
  • Meeting with the victim women management committee
  • Reconstruct breastfeeding room
  • Managed room for victim women at Sadar hospital
  • Providing stand for ticket and medicine counter
  • Providing furniture for via Almirah, checkup table, revolving chair patient
  • Providing toolbox for pregnant women at the operation theatre
  • Managed special washroom for women at the hospital
  • Repairing gynee  ward
  • Providing screen stand for emergency room